10Musume 101318_01 Kuri Kato Amateur AV Interview I applied for the influence of a pervert pervert friend friend

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First interview with an amateur girl whose impressive big eyes were glittering. “22 years old, B cup, the number of experienced people is less than 20 people” and answered with an uneasy expression from the outset. Such a pure child will do it naked after this and such a thing and this is done in front of the camera! If you ask, it seems that there are many transformations among girls’ friends, and it is natural that you promote orgasm “If so, I would like to do something!” Today it is a challenge to AV! Although it is not ready for the mind yet. Will it really make me feel comfortable? (Laugh) When I put the first electric muscle in thick walled villa, I saw it in a secret. I feel like fighting and inserting raw into a thread-pulling weak! The first cum shot finish in my life!

クリっとした大きな瞳が印象的な素人娘にまずはインタビュー。「22歳、Bカップ、経験人数は20人弱かな。」と終始不安そうな表情で答えてくれました。そんな純粋っ子がこのあと全裸であんなことやこんなことをカメラの前でやっちゃいます! 聞けば女子の友達に変態が多いらしく、乱交なんて当たり前! 「ならば私も何かしたい!」 と今日はAVに挑戦です! とは言え、心の準備はまだできていない様子。果たして気持ちよくなってくれるのでしょうか(笑) 初めての電マを肉厚のビラビラにあてると、内緒でイッちゃった朱里ちゃん。 感じまくって糸引くまんこに生で挿入! 人生初の中出しフィニッシュ!

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